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41 5835 Straight Razor Ebony Wood Handle

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The Dovo Stainless Steel Straight Razor with Ebony Handle is a full hollow ground razor, which the vast majority of shavers will ultimately prefer. Features a beautiful ebony wood handle. Gentle stropping of the blade before shaving will maintain the blade's sharpness for several months. Clean and dry directly after use. Made in Solingen, Germany.

It should be "shave ready" from the factory, but some may prefer to give an additional honing or stopping before first use.

Straight razors are sold in hygienically sealed tubes and are not returnable items unless they are defective immediately. Otherwise, they can be returned to the manufacturer in Germany. DOVO products are manufactured in Germany and the company can be reached at: www.dovo.com.

The carbon steel blade has these advantages: the edge is easier to sharpen and the blade generally holds a sharper edge longer. However, if not dried properly, or if it is exposed to humidity or dampness, a carbon blade will rust.

The blade of your open straight razor has a very fine and vulnerable cutting edge. Cutting other materials than beard hair may damage or destroy it. Careful stropping of the blade before shaving maintains the blade's cutting ability for several months, but too much pressure on the strop can damage the fine cutting edge. After use, the blade and handle have to be cleaned and dried carefully. In case of long term storage, the blade should be lubricated and entirely covered by oil.

Excerpt from the Dovo official website:

Today the market is dominated by electric shavers and simple wet shavers. Whether as part of an archaic or a modern lifestyle, using an open razor to remove the beard growth has been a component of shaving culture for centuries. Lathering up the soap and wielding a brush - a wet shave is always a special experience.


The basic material preferred for open razors is normal steel with a minimum carbon content of 0,6%, in order to achieve the highest degree of hardness, elasticity and resistance to wear.
The blank consists of a cropped piece between 20-25 mm wide and 5-6 mm thick. the cropped pieces are heated and hot-forged under immense pressure from a drop hammer in the forging die.

The heat-treatment, the so-called "hardening", is extremely important for the blank. Depending on the quality of the steel, the blank is heated up to 1.300°C and subsequently chilled in a special oil. The temperature limits are often crucial. The subsequent tempering at 200 to 400°C, depending on the type of steel, gives the blade its elasticity and toughness.

Handles and blades

The handles of the open razors are made of celluloid (imitation tortoiseshell, ivory or mother-of-pearl), real buffalo horn or mother-of-pearl, ebony, pakkawood, micarta, bone or non-corrosive steel (stainless).   

We distinguish between the following handles:

3/8" flat or 1/2 hollow ground for salon and clinic use, eyebrows
4/8" flat or 1/2 hollow ground for salon and clinic use, light beard growth

5/8" 1/2 or 1/1 hollow ground for general removal of beard growth
6/8" square or sharp point for the experienced shaver
7/8" 1/1 hollow ground with for very strong beard growth double- stabilising piece

 Cross-section of razors -degree of hollowness-
A flat ground
B full hollow ground
C 1/4 hollow

Care of the razor

Correct care is essential for the maintenance and long life of this traditional gentlemen's accessory. Each time it is used, the entire razor must be rinsed in clear water and dried thoroughly. If the razor is not used for a longer period, it is advisable to coat it lightly with oil. Never store the razor in a damp, unventilated place.

Razor strops and honing

While flat razors are sharpened using strops with wooden handles where the razor can be "pushed" along the strop, ½ or full hollow-ground razors are sharpened using hanging strops, in some cases with a knob made of fine cow-hide or smooth Russian-type leather with which the strop can be hung up. Some of these strops have a hemp tube on the reverse side which serves to position the sharp edge in the direction indicated by the razor. If necessary, the leather side can be coated with a thin layer of fine grinding paste (red paste), and with polishing paste (black paste) for polishing on a separate strop, and subsequently worked in with the palm of the hand. Sharpening is effected at a plane angle with the back of the razor on the razor strop; it should be first be drawn away from the body. When changing direction, the razor should be turned with its back to the strop and then drawn towards the body. If the cutting edge of the razor faces the strop while the razor is being turned, it will become round and lose its cut. In this case, only regrinding by a specialist will help.

Product Details

Features a beautiful ebony wood handle
Brushed satin polished razor blade features a round point
Professionally honed and shave ready
3 x 5/8-inch blade, 5.5-inches closed, 9.5-inches opened; weighs 43 grams
Made in Solingen, Germany
41 5835 Straight Razor Ebony Wood Handle