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Hinderer Knives

HMBS - Full Kit ~ Green

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XM-18 3.5" Full Kit with standoffs, screws, wrench and anodized aluminum backspacer

The full kit for the XM-18 3.5" will need to be purchased to install the backspacer.  After the new standoffs are in place you can easily swap out different backspacers with a few quick turns of an allen wrench.

The HMBS is a one-piece machined backspacer that will increase both the versatility and customization of your Hinderer Knives. 2 versions are going to be available right away, XM-18 3.5" and the MP-1. The HMBS allows for easy installation, as knife dis-assembly is not required once the base hardware kit is installed. Currently launching in two configurations and a variety of color options, Hinderer owners can choose between having a solid backspacer, or an external lanyard hole. In addition, glass breaker and bottle opener variations are in work with future plans incorporating a plethora of materials i.e., titanium, aluminum, zirconium, and more!

HMBS  - Full Kit ~ Green