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Chris Reeve Inkosi w/ Natural Micarta Inlays

SKU: LIN-1014 Weight: 1.0

Chris Reeve Inkosi w/ Natural Micarta Inlays

SKU: LIN-1014 Weight: 1.0

Product Details

The Inkosi is a new family of folding knives that will claim the position of Chief alongside the iconic Sebenza. The Inkosi features sandblasted handles, a tumbled finish drop point blade, 303 stainless steel hardware,  and exterior accents in the Reeve signature anodized blue titanium. Built with handcrafted care at a production level,  the Inkosi  continues to push the characteristics of the Integral Lock®, blade strength, pivot and lock tolerances as well as over all ergonomics.

At 97RC, the strength of the ceramic ball end lock provides a lifetime consistent lock up. The Mounted Pocket Clip rests on the back face, eliminating the possibility of pressure on the lockbar and provides a more ergonomic grip. Also features Twin oversized Phosphor-bronze washers.


A carefully developed hollow grind, strengthened pivot and sturdy lock up were the starting points for our new family of Inkosi folding knives.

While challenging the standards of the Integral Lock®, the Inkosi is the most over built knife of its kind, a true testament of strength. Using a ceramic ball as an interface for the lock bar to the blade tang, it ensures a lifetime of consistent lock up.

This is the first time they have been able to use twin, over sized washers with an Integral lock. The washer diameter is wider than the blade securing zero sideways play. With larger lubrication holes there is even less surface area of friction.

With our Large Hollow Grind technology, we use a shallow radius to add more strength to the blade, making it half way between a flat grind and our standard hollow grind.


Blade Material  Crucible S35VN

Blade Hardness  59-60 RC

Blade Length  3.6" (91mm)

Blade Thickness  0.1400" (3.556mm)

Handle Material  6Al4V Titanium

Handle Thickness  0.1505" (3.8227mm)

Handle Length  4.8" (122mm)

Overall Length  8.4" (213mm)

Weight  4.96oz (140g)