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LT Wright Genesis Carleigh Fairchild Signature Edition Genesis ~ Black Micarta / A2

SKU: Weight: 1.0

LT Wright Genesis Carleigh Fairchild Signature Edition Genesis ~ Black Micarta / A2

SKU: Weight: 1.0

Product Details

If you have ever watched "Alone" on the History Channel, you know who Carliegh Fairchild is. The absolute coolest part about us carrying her special edition of the LT Wright Genesis is, that she came here, into Rivers Edge about 2 years ago when she got accepted to be on the show. Myself, (Brian), Helped her pick out a versitle , "do-anything" knife for her to take on her amazing and wonderful journey in Argentine (season 3) where she took 2nd Place, and survived for 86 Days. An amazing accomplishment that she shoud be extremly proud of. She Stopped in our shop today to say hi and tell us some stories. We ended up snagging a few of her Signature edition LT Wright Genesis knives and we are proud to offer them to our customers. For more on Carligh and what she stands for, please check out her site!

From her site:

"The L.T. Wright Genesis knife was by my side for 86 days while living in Patagonia as part of the History Channels “Alone” survival show. I used it to make my shelter, fire, spoons, traps, baskets, and many other things. I searched for the perfect knife for a few weeks leading up to the show, and when I held the Genesis I knew it was the right knife. It fit perfect in my hand, was well balanced, had a 90 degree sharpened spine that could be used to make tinder and scrape a ferro rod for making fires without dulling the knife edge, and most importantly I would be able to maintain the edge in the field. After 86 days in the field it is my favorite knife and the one I continue to pack on all my adventures.

This special edition is to commemorate that time, it has all the same features of the knife I had with me plus it has my signature and quote “Never Give Up”.

Made from 1/8″ A2 tool steel, this is a nine inch overall flat ground bush knife. It has black Micarta scales with a matte finish and heavy duty hardware.

It is ready to be your everyday carry."


The Carleigh Fairchild Signature Knife

Overall Length: 9″

Sharpened Edge: 4.25″

Steel: 1/8″ A2

Grind: Full flat grind w/a secondary convex hard buffed bevel

Handle: Micarta

Other Features: Thumb scallops, sharpened spine

Sheath: Brown leather with a dangler and 3/8″ fire steel loop.