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Boker Lateralus G10 Black

SKU: BOP01BO778 Weight: 1.0

Boker Lateralus G10 Black

SKU: BOP01BO778 Weight: 1.0

Product Details

As a former tool maker, Jason B. Stout from Tennessee has all the technical skills for making precision folding knives. He does not claim to create knives for everyone's taste, rather he realizes his own personal style, which we feel is well reflected in the Lateralus. The extremely sturdy stainless steel frame lock locks the massive, bearing-mounted blade with stonewash finish, which is opened with the flipper. The additional index finger notch makes it possible to grip the knife short for more precise work. For the blade steel we use D2, for superior edge retention. The G-10 handle scale is milled for weight reduction. Includes pocket clip.

Brand:Böker Plus

Type:Pocket Knife

Designer:Jason Stout

Total length:7.9 in

Blade length:3.7 in

Blade thickness:0.10 in

Weight:4.1 oz

Blade material:D2

Handle material:G-10


Locking mechanism:Framelock