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Spyderco SPRINT RUN Native 5 Carbon Fiber CPM-154/S90V

SKU: C41CFPE5 Weight: 1.0

Spyderco SPRINT RUN Native 5 Carbon Fiber CPM-154/S90V

SKU: C41CFPE5 Weight: 1.0

Product Details

This limited edition Sprint Run of the popular Native® 5 features a composite CPM® S90V®/CPM 154 stainless steel blade and textured carbon fiber handle scales. 

Created by Crucible® Industries of New York, the remarkable composite steel used in this knife’s blade begins with a one-inch-thick plate of precision-ground CPM S90V steel. This plate is secured in the center of a specially engineered mild steel canister so equal sized cavities are created on each side. These cavities are packed with CPM 154 powder and the canister is welded shut before it is placed in an autoclave under extreme heat and pressure. This proprietary process forge welds the CPM 154 to the CPM S90V to create a three-layer composite steel slab. After the outer canister is machined off, the composite billet is rolled into sheets suitable for making knife blades.

The saber-ground blade of this elite knife accentuates the results of this advanced steel making process, clearly revealing the lines between the different layers just above the cutting edge. This adds greatly to the knife’s aesthetic appeal while providing exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and cutting performance.

To further showcase this unique blade material, it is paired with a handle featuring textured peel-ply carbon fiber handle scales. This state-of-the-art material complements the proven features of the Native 5—including its high-strength back lock mechanism, Trademark Round Hole™ for one-handed opening, and four-position pocket clip—to create a truly exceptional expression of this design.

Manufactured at Spyderco's Golden, Colorado factory, this rare Sprint Run of the Native 5 is sure to become a coveted collector's item.

Overall Length

4.00" (102 mm)

Blade Length

2.95" (75 mm)


CPM#trade; 3V

Closed Length

6.95" (177 mm)

Edge Length

2.45" (62 mm)


3.9 oz (111 g)

Blade Thickness

0.125" (3.2 mm)


Carbon Fiber

Clip Position


Tip Carry Position


Lock Type

Back Lock






United States