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Emerson Mini CQC-7 P/E SW Wave

SKU: EMER-7003 Weight: 1.0

Emerson Mini CQC-7 P/E SW Wave

SKU: EMER-7003 Weight: 1.0

Product Details

The Mini CQC-7BW is the ultimate traveling companion. First developed as a direct result of overwhelming customer demand for a smaller pocket sized version of the classic Emerson CQC-7BW. Featuring a blade under 3 inches, the Mini CQC-7BW can be carried safely in most regions on earth. From the hot dusty streets of Morocco to the footpaths of the Hindu Kush. From the subways of Paris to the crowded streets of New York, the Mini CQC-7BW is perfect for a simple everyday carry.

The Mini-CQC-7BW features our Patented “Wave Feature” . In an emergency or injury situation the knife can be opened with one hand as it is drawn from the pocket.


Black G-10 epoxy / glass laminate


Aerospace grade Titanium


154 CM


Black or Satin


Chisel Grind Tanto Style

  • Overall Length 7.2 in.
  • Blade Length 2.9 in.
  • Blade Thickness .125 in.
  • Hardness 57-59 RC

 Disclaimer:  Customers should be aware that a blade length of under 3 inches is generally said to be legal in most places, and in most countries. Always be careful about carrying the knife in what could be considered a concealed manner. Always check with local authorities as to their own particular regulations concerning any knife that you may carry on your person.