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At River's Edge, we don't believe in tying up anyone's money, so we do things a little differently. If you'd like to get on the "Wait List" for a specific upcoming model, just send us a message on our "Contact Us" Page and we will add you to the list. We go in order, on a "first come, first served" basis with NO OBLIGATION to purchase the knife when one becomes available for you. That being said, there is no guarantee that we will have the supply to get down to your spot, but you have nothing to loose by getting your name in with us. 

The last thing we want is to make "Empty Promises" and not  be able to deliver when you want it most. We know that we get new knives in fast, but sometimes not fast enough. This way, you don't have an investment at our store and you're free to purchase from whichever of your favorite retailers has it available when you want it. Of Course we want you to buy from us, but we understand immediate gratification :) 

Send a message to reserve an upcoming release here: