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Wasabi 6.5" Santoku

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Like the chefメs knife, the santoku is an all-purpose, double-beveled knife. It works well on just about anything you need to cut in the kitchen, from fruits and vegetables to meats, poultry and fish. With its slightly shorter blade, downturned tip, and high handle position, the Wasabi Black Santoku is not only versatile, but can be less intimidating than a long, pointy chefメs knife. Itメs exceptionally handy for cooks with smaller hands or who are working in a smaller kitchen. The Wasabi Black Santoku excels at push cuts due to its somewhat flatter edge, yet thereメs enough curve to enable efficient mincing cuts, too.

Product Details

Enjoy versatility and ease of use with this Asian-inspired all-purpose kitchen knife Steel: High-carbon stainless steel, graze finished Hand sharpened to 16° cutting angle each side (32° comprehensive) Double-beveled blade Handle: Po
Wasabi 6.5" Santoku