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Founded in 2003, River’s Edge strives to bring you the latest products the industry has to offer. Growing up, my brother and I always had a passion for knives. We thought it would be fun to create a place where knife enthusiasts and collectors would be able to learn about, handle and compare a selection of quality knives before purchasing. Our professional staff brings that same passion to knives, every day carry (EDC) items, cutlery and outdoor gear. That translates in to a wealth of product knowledge. If we sell it, we’ve likely used it! We pride ourselves on first class customer service and welcome the chance to talk to you. Stop by or call us at 614-777-8833 for information, suggestions or feedback.

Whether you’re looking for a powerful flashlight, in the market for an EDC knife, have an interest in wet shaving or need a gift we are happy to help you and we appreciate your business!

Mike & Brian Kent, REC



Store Hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 7pm Saturday 10am to 5pm Sunday CLOSED



Our Awesome Staff consists of:

Mike: Customer Service, Owner / CEO 

Brian: Customer Service, GM / Buyer / Website

Everett: Customer Service, Social Media & Photography

Jim: Customer Service, Inventory Specialist

Tony: Customer Service, Sales 

Todd: Customer Service, Sales



~Meet the Staff~


Mike Kent




 In 2002 Mike decided he was done with his current job in telecommunications and wanted to be his own boss. While he and his brother Brian were on a road trip they came up with the idea of a cutlery shop. Every place they have lived including New York and Colorado had some sort of dedicated store for knives and gear but Columbus, Ohio had nothing. It was at this point that River’s Edge Cutlery was born and doors opened in August 2003. Other than being the owner, he’s an active member of the staff spending most of his time behind the grinder sharpening knives for our customers. Mike is an avid lover of the outdoors and enjoys fishing, off-roading, fast cars and traveling. Most days if you ask him what’s in his pocket it’s a Freeman Knives button lock flipper, but he also really likes knives from L.T. Wright.


Brian Kent

General Manager / Buyer



 Brian (Mike’s Brother) has been with River’s Edge since the beginning for over 16 years. He oversees day to day operations as well as handles the online orders, website updates, some social media and all the buying for the company. When it comes to knives he is a fan of many brands, but a Spyderco ends up in his pocket most days. Other than collecting knives, his hobbies and interests including horror memorabilia, off-roading , aerial drone photography , and VR gaming.



Todd Severns

Customer Service



Todd has been a part of the crew for just under 2 years. He is another dedicated customer turned employee. Fishing, backpacking, camping, kayaking, fishing (yes I said that twice LOL), Todd absolutely loves being outdoors. When he’s not spending his time outdoors, he’s in the kitchen perfecting his recipes (ask Brian about his Chili). Todd loves his Spyderco knives, but every now and then you’ll see a Zero Tolerance peeking out of his pocket.


Everett Bishop

Social Media / Photography / Customer Service



Everett has contributed greatly to building our online presence with social media and content. Also has brought a new professional flair to our photography. He is a true 'knife guy" and knows his stuff. Everett is also doing a great job with our anodizing here at the shop. His other interests include pens, flashlights, grilling and photography.


Riley Kent 

Customer Service / Field Test



Riley (Mike's Son)  Recently came on board to help us out here part time after school. He is only 16 but let me tell you, this kid is the most avid and knowledgeable outdoorsman I know. He fishes competitively, has his own boat and pretty much lives outdoors. He loves to field test products. If you want to see what Riley is up to, be sure to give him a follow on IG, @rileyadventuredrivin. 




Customer Service / Inventory Specialist

Jim was recently brought on to manage inventory, check product in, put product out, cycle count etc. He is an outdoor enthusiast, loves knives (of course) , camping, Hiking etc. Even though he has only been here since December, his knife knowledge has grown to the point where he can hold a blade conversation with the best of us. We are happy to have him on board.