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Consignment / Trade-in Programs

Have knives laying around that you want to turn into cash or REC store credit?

REC does have a consignment program and it works like this:


Step 1) Send us an email with a description, picture and price you want to sell it for. We will accept most items, but there will be occasions where we will pass. 

Step 2) Upon acceptance, you can send us your Knife, Knives or Knife related item, with any special info you want on the listing, and price you would like to sell it for to:


REC Consignment Program

4601 Lyman Drive

Hilliard, OH 43026


Once it sells you can pick one of the options below:

Option 1) You will get 70% of the sale, and REC will take 30%. We will send a check to the address you provide or we can send you the $ through Cashapp. 

Option 2) If you choose to take the "store credit" option at the time of payout, we will only take 25% and give you 75% on your REC account! You can then spend that credit at any time on , it will not expire.


Due to the time it takes us to check the item into our system, take pictures & write up a description, we would prefer you give it at least 3 months to sell. 

If your item doesn't sell within 3 months, and you decide to take your item back , you only pay the shipping back to you, and we do not charge any kind of fee. 

If you choose to remove your item from the program earlier than 3 months, there will be a listing fee of $20 that will need to be paid for before shipping the item back to you. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the owner of the item. 

We reserve the right to refuse items from the program and we are not responsible for items lost in transit. We will take responsibility of your item while it is in our possession. 


Another Option is "Trade-in" Credit. 

Consignment is a better option for value, (70/30 Split, with an option to turn it into credit at the time of payout for 75/25). But, you have to wait until it sells.
If you are looking for instantaneous credit, we also offer a "Used knife trade in" program. Its instant, but you would be looking at 50% of what the item would sell for in the store as "used".


If you have any questions about our consignment program, please do not hesitate to ask us! 

Phone: 614-777-8833


chat: hit the blue button ------>