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Pass Around Conclusions

The Finch Runtly Pass Around Conclusions

dry_flies_and_chef_knives: Love the blade shape. Fit and finish is what I would expect. The only thing that bugged me was the liner lock was a little harder to disengage and the flipper tab hit your thumb before getting past the detent. Super picky but just a thought. Really cool design and looking forward to the Tikuna?I think that's what it is called. great idea and enjoyed the pass around. Thank you REC!

Dad_of5_edc (James Heilbrunn): I'm a sucker for wharncliffe/ razor blade shaped knives. Utilitarian knife with G10 and N690. It was a perfect coin pocket carry where I usually put my Giltek RUK. Clean lines, nice size, and the little details of the emblem that glows.

handful_edc: I think it’s a good knife with a great idea(a blade that can take a beating in a small package) nice size and blade shape, the fit and finish was great and the attention to detail was very nice! A few things I didn’t enjoy personally were the liner lock was a little tough to disengage, I feel like the flipper tab should have stuck out a little more for a better grip and finally the weight was the deal breaker for me.


The Zero Tolerance 0707 Pass Around Conclusions

Amateur KnivesThanks for letting me handle the ZT 0707 it was great to have it for the week. It’s definitely a great slim lightweight edc,  love the ergos how it feels in hand and the weight for a 3 5/8” knife is outstanding. The triangle cut out doesn’t bother me as it does some and it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Were this knife shines is the weight and how it disappears in the pocket it’s a great carry in most clothing including shorts. The dislikes are few one would be pricing although I see the worth there in terms of materials the knives I would consider this knife to compete with is the light carries the gentleman folders which would be the bugout the spyderco para3 or the spyderco ikushi and to me the knife that it closely compares to is the Spyderco Endura which obviously isn’t made in the USA and has cheaper materials but these are the knives that come to mind as comparisons although its made in the USA I can see people being put off by the price. The second would be the thickness behind the edge it’s a thin stock gentleman carry its 20ths behind the edge at the tip and 25ths behind the edge at the choil, I would love to see a gentleman’s carry with at least a 15ths behind the edge throughout but those are just my wishes. Lastly the butt of the knife would be better without the pointy tips, reverse grip would be extremely comfortable without it and it serves no purpose from what I can see unless it was intended as a glass breaker. All in all I do like the knife it’s a great gentleman’s carry and though it’s at the higher end I do see the value there. I would definitely recommend it for those wanting a lighter weight with a longer cutting edge knife that carries easily and has the looks for any occasion.

buckeye2aI don’t own many ZTs but this one definitely makes me want to get more. So smooth, sturdy, strong and lightweight. Excellent blade shape great for slicing cutting. Its a little different than other ZTs I’ve owned but in all the good ways. Highly recommended this knife. REC is the the best in the game. They are the only company I’ve seen let you try out a blade at no cost that’s real trust and it’s one of the reasons I’ll always shop at REC and recommend them to many.

remthompsonMy first impression at the ZT 0707 was that it is a gorgeous knife, solid construction and very light weight. As a lefty I have grown accustomed to using things a little backwards and with the 0707 I was initially struggling to get the flip action just right with my right or left hand. After a full day of fidgeting with it, this knife started to fire like a rocket ship. The light weight blade was razor sharp and a shape I really enjoyed. The carbon fiber handle material was eye catching and robust. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was how changing the pocket clip worked, it was kind of tricky so I opted to leave it set up right handed. Overall, this knife is top notch quality, which with it coming from ZT I expect nothing less, and the light weight nature makes it a perfect EDC knife, a fantastic slicer.

okan_kane_edcFirst off, thanks to River’s Edge Cutlery for holding this pass around contest and creating this unique opportunity in the knife community. The Zero Tolerance 0707 is a sleek and light addition to ZT’s normally beefier and more over-built line up. Upon unboxing the knife, it is undeniably light weight without feeling inexpensive or uncapable. ZT included all the usual suspect of features: steel lock bar interface, over travel stop, flipper opening, ceramic ball bearings, deep carry pocket clip and more.

ZT did a fantastic job on the lock side of the knife, featuring beautifully done mill work with subtle fluting for texture. It is an incredibly thin knife, stock to edge, which can make opening a frame lock tricky due to lack of space, heightening the chance of lock-bar pressure interfering with opening the knife. To combat this, ZT added a second detent with their new double detent system they call the Tuned Detent System. Even while applying pressure to the lock-bar, the knife was still able to open with authority. ZT spared no expense with the materials, utilizing gorgeously milled Carbon fiber and a very pointy blade of CPM 20cv. It also features a newly styled reversable deep carry pocket clip that mounts on the underside of the scales making it a nice hidden hardware clip that does not sacrifice function at all. They also sized it perfectly for this knife with no hot spots to be found, while still maintaining great tension to stay in the pocket, yet it can be easily drawn from the pocket.

This knife came to me sharpened, potentially sharpened more than once, so determining factory, behind-the-edge thickness was just speculation. My measurements showed closer to the 30 thousandths of an inch, while I feel something more akin to a maximum of 20 thousandths would increase the performance of the CPM 20cv steel. With that in mind, having a thinner stock thickness than a more standard ZT allowed it to still slice quiet well. Its unapologetically stabby blade might not be everyone’s cup of tea—not mine personally—and it can potentially cause issues at the office so to speak. It has the feel of a gentleman’s knife but with the tip of a bayonet. This makes the design feel that it would have been best shortened to a 3” variant to have a more consistent design flow.

Finally, since Kershaw(ZT)also designed and produced in-house like the Bareknuckle, which is also American made, and has done several variants in similar materials(CF,M390,20CV), I am not sure if some of the added features of the 0707 are worth the price increase to me. I cannot say that the craftsmanship is not there, because they really did execute this model well, but I feel they missed the mark a tad. Due to the similarities to the new model 0308, a widened out version of the 0707 with ZT’s classic tank like construction and the similarities to the Bareknuckle, they missed an opportunity on a home run in my opinion that is the 0707 3” variant. Overall, it is a great knife that is well executed, but I do not feel I am the intended customer. Now, they scale this down to a 3” variant and you can sign me up now, take my money; I’m in. Until then, thanks again to River’s Edge Cutlery for giving me the opportunity to take a closer look at this new ZT.

nate_crThe ZT 0707 is a very slim knife, and it’s no tank, but it can definitely perform! It shipped with a nice thin edge that was shaving sharp and appeared to have little defect. The show scale detent helps to balance the centering nicely and give crisp, snappy, ball bearing action which let it flip well. The titanium side is nicely textured and the show scale is smooth. The clip is a bit small and weak for my taste but it seems well suited to dress pants or a shirt pocket. This isn’t to say it cant handle thicker pants pockets, as it clipped into my Duluth Firehose pants without too much difficulty. The CPM 20CV steel seems to be well heat treated. I didn’t do any formal testing but based on how it felt on my sharpening stones it’s spot on (maybe 60-61 HRC).

This would be a knife I would love to add to my collection but personally I’m not rushing to get it.

onedgehi: When it first arrived, I was so excited. I love all my zt knives. Upon opening the box, even more so. Beautiful. Elegant. But when inspecting before the first flip i noticed it was way off center. First flip? Terrible. Gritty, noisy scraping sound. Closing was the same way. Checked the blade, burrs on both sides offsetting each other. Keep in mind I was the first to handle this knife. So began my journey working on it. Just knocked the burrs off and stopped with 1 micron paste. Cleaned up pretty good. Disassembled the knife to find divots in the washer and steel liner. The washer was the easy part. Polish and flip. The liner however needed honing to get past the deep divots. Once all was said and done, I reassembled the knife. Now I assume this is what they were aiming for. Fired out smooth as silk! Tested the boasted second detent by pressing firmly on the lockbar. Runs just like they say. Very impressive. It keeps it from being drop shut, however I dont see a knife like this being purposed to do so. The carbon fiber used seems very high quality. The long pointy blade is very useful for many tasks I’ve put it through for the week. Although this isn’t the type of knife I would normally purchase I have enjoyed its company.

bugeyeblue82: The ZT 0707 is a sleek, smooth and slender knife, using some of the more desired materials available today. With carbon fiber, titanium, and CPM-20CV steel, it’s sure to please those looking for premium build materials. It feels very light in the hand, disappears in the pocket, and flips out to its open position with a nice, subtle click. The long 3.5” blade is nice for daily tasks like opening boxes, or light food prep. There appears to be 2 detent balls within the handle scales, keeping the blade in its closed position. This was one problem I had with the knife, in that disengaging the blade has 2 distinct positions to pass, to be able to close the knife. This kills any ability to have the blade close freely, and often requires a second hand to get the blade past these detent balls and back to its closed position. Overall, though, it’s a nice gentlemen’s carry knife, with great build materials, and can dress up to any occasion.

0ctavious: I've never owned or even held a ZT before, so this was a knife I was really eager to handle. Right off the bat, I was really impressed by the fit and finish. Lockup was spot on, blade was centered and razor sharp. Where this knife really shines in it's weight. I've never handled a knife in this size that was this thin and light. I honestly expected it to be flimsy, but it somehow manages to feel sturdy and inspire confidence despite its lightweight construction.

It probably wouldn't stand up to heavy abuse like prying, twisting, hammering, etc. But it's a perfect edc especially for someone like me who's a white collar worker and needs something that's unobtrusive. I'd often find myself thinking I'd forgotten to bring an edc and have to reach into my pocket to check (the deep carry clip really helps it disappear).

I was really sad to see it go at the end of a week. But this knife really hits the sweet spot for me; quality steel, outrageously thin and light, and the deep carry clip. It's definitely the next knife I plan to purchase.