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Pass Around Conclusions

The Finch Runtly Pass Around Reviews

dry_flies_and_chef_knives: Love the blade shape. Fit and finish is what I would expect. The only thing that bugged me was the liner lock was a little harder to disengage and the flipper tab hit your thumb before getting past the detent. Super picky but just a thought. Really cool design and looking forward to the Tikuna?I think that's what it is called. great idea and enjoyed the pass around. Thank you REC!

Dad_of5_edc (James Heilbrunn): I'm a sucker for wharncliffe/ razor blade shaped knives. Utilitarian knife with G10 and N690. It was a perfect coin pocket carry where I usually put my Giltek RUK. Clean lines, nice size, and the little details of the emblem that glows.

handful_edc: I think it’s a good knife with a great idea(a blade that can take a beating in a small package) nice size and blade shape, the fit and finish was great and the attention to detail was very nice! A few things I didn’t enjoy personally were the liner lock was a little tough to disengage, I feel like the flipper tab should have stuck out a little more for a better grip and finally the weight was the deal breaker for me.