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County Comm Pair-A-Dice - Copper Dice Set

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Pre oxidized 10-30% so you can get some natural beauty off the bat and then packed to freeze them in this perfect state.

Will oxidize continuously and patina naturally over time. Will look absolutely incredible as the years go on. 

When you are ready to step your gaming up to the next level, these precision machined Copper dice are just the way to do it.

That's right! You get a set of two Copper dice for all your gaming needs.

These are sure to be a heirloom product that you pass on to the next generation.

Dimensions: 15 mm
Weight: .92 ounces each - > 80% heavier than the Titanium variant

They come vacuum packed with an anti tarnish strip ( They will have begun showing signs of very mild patina as soon as they came off the CNC from the last couple weeks )

Each dice will start to shows subtle signs of patina due to the beautiful nature of Copper


- Listing is for a set of 2 dice only