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Hunter Made Knives AS3 Model - Purple Kirinite - Acid Etched And Tumbled 154CM

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This is a nice little EDC fixed blade designed and spec'd by one of our awesome customers and knife collectors. The knife is made from CPM154 and has been acid etched and tumbled. The handle material is Purple Kirinite. The knife comes with a Kydex sheath that is set for a small Tek-Lok.

OAL: 6.75"

Cutting Edge: Just under 3"

From the Hunter Handmade Knives Website:

Molding of the Maker

About Me

Welcome to Hunter Handmade Knives. I am located in Clarkson, KY. I became interested in making knives while living in South Africa for a short time. While there, I had the opportunity to take a fixed blade knife making course. 

Following that course, I made my first knife with a hacksaw, hand files, Dremel and sandpaper. The knife was in a word UGLY, but to me it was a beautiful creation because of the time and effort I put into it. It also completely hooked me into the world of knife making.

Upon returning to the U.S. I played with making knives in my spare time until I retired from my fulltime job with the Department of Homeland Security in 2015.  Since retiring I've been able to spend more time in the shop learning and improving my skills.

I am fortunate that I live close to Gene Baskett who has been making knives for over 30 years.  Gene is a past President of the Knifemakers Guild.  Gene has been invaluable in helping and guiding me in my quest to become a quality knifemaker. In March 2019, I became a voting member of the Knifemakers Guild.

I make my knives using the stock removal method.  That is, I take a template of one of my knife designs, place it on a piece of steel bar stock, and cut it out with a bandsaw.  I then refine the profile of the knife by hand sanding and with the use of my disc and belt sanders.  After heat treating, I grind the knife to its final shape.  I make the handles for my knives in my shop using various wood and synthetic materials.  I mostly use CPM 154, AEB-L, Nitro-V and Damascus for my knives.  

I make mostly fixed blades but have gotten to the point where I feel comfortable selling my liner lock folders. The knives I make are the best that I am capable of producing and with each one I try to improve on my fit and finish of the knife.