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Journey Tool Co. Essentials Maintenance Kit , Electric Blue w/ REC Cap

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The Essentials, it’s everything you need, now with a snazzy REC logo engraved on the Cap! 

  • The Turas in its Essential version is an Aerospace grade 6061 T6 Aluminum body 1/4" Bit Driver featuring blasted black anodizing and includes matching bearing cap with a smooth bearing to keep you working and (and playing) A magnet is recessed inside for easy retention of bits.  
  • The Vortex Imposter Bit Holder, an essential tool to keep you organized and bits handy, the imposter does not spin, but it's solid and will last a lifetime with no moving parts to break or wear out. 
  • Turas Turner, this handy little tool is hidden away under the Vortex imposter, simply slide it onto the grip of the Turas and it acts as mini breaker bar allowing you to gain extra torque to break free stubborn screws.
  • Super Syrup Black Gold Lube. JTC's Own Blend of knife pivot lube. Need I say more? This stuff is awesome, it works... It's essential to the care of your knives 
  • Micro Swabs for getting into those tight spaces.
  • Loctite Blue 242, the standard for setting your pivot screw and other fasteners to the perfect tension and you can trust that it's not going to loosen on you. But you can still break free when maintenance is required. (your new Turas bit driver will be happy to help!) 
  • Wiha 1/4" Bit Set, Lets face it, you've tried the rest, now rely on the best. When it comes to bits, I trust Wiha... You should too. Comes with a full assortment of common sizes from T5-T20, Philips, Slotted, and Hex.
  • S3 Case Can I just say I believe at this price point this is the best case on earth. MADE IN USA, seals out water, super sturdy construction with duel snap closure and a lanyard. I inlay laser cut foam on the lid side (get this, it’s a BUILT IN MAINTENANCE TRAY!!!) and the other side features custom laser cut foam inserts to hold all your essentials safely.

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