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REC Roast 1lb Bag ~ Ground Coffee

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We’ve teamed up with The Coffee Mess in Hilliard Ohio to bring you..... The Official Coffee of REC !
The REC Roast is a blend of coffee beans from Guatemala and Ethiopia. Roasted to a medium level, this coffee is super smooth and ready to drink black, but can handle a dash of cream if that’s your speed. Snag a bag today and enjoy a cup every morning (or night if that’s your thing) and while watching the Weekly episode of The REC Report on our YouTube channel. 

Every bag of Coffee is freshly roasted and shipped to your door.


Important Note: To ensure freshness, this batch of coffee will be a pre order.

The pre order period will last ONE work week.

Once the pre order closes, the coffee beans will be roasted and all orders will be shipped the following week. 



Where it’s from: Guatemala and Ethiopia

Roast level: Medium

Tasting Notes: Flowers and Fruit on the nose, ultra-smooth going down.

This coffee was built to drink black.