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Urban Edge Strops - Large Strop, Kangaroo Leather

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This strops particular dimension's were selected for it to be used around the house or garage, basically to be kept stationary rather then portable. Although this does not mean it is too big or heavy to take places if you choose to either!

All UES Strops can be used on more than just your knives. For example it can be used on other tools like chisels, hand planes and even scissor's.

Advantage of using kangaroo leather over cow hide:
The Kangaroo leather is a lot smoother grained then cow hide and makes the stropping process more efficient and quicker, it also accepts paste and compound very well without ruining the grain to gain high quality results from them.

The Kangaroo leather is bonded to a 10mm thick, gloss black Poly-carbonate base.
By using a Poly-carbonate for the base, It's brings a natural, inherent rigidity, which remains intact throughout the entire manufacturing process. That means there's a completely level and flat surface that it will never warp like wood bases can and do. The thickness is 10mm so that it wasn't too thin but also not to thick to try and be as user friendly as possible.

Also there are 2 different sizes that were purposely chosen. There was a though trial and error using wood and cowhide in UES early days of strop making and found the dimensions they are now, are what they believe are best for their purpose-built situations.

All materials are locally sourced in Australia & hand made in Melbourne.

All going through a meticulous QC process to make the final cut.

These products are for anyone, from enthusiasts to professionals alike!



SIZE: 7.3" Long × 3.35" Wide × .039" thick.

WEIGHT: 7 oz.

MADE WITH: Hand made with 100% genuine Kangaroo leather & gloss Perspex.

STYLING: Natural tanned leather with a gloss black base.


A little about Urban Edge Strops from their website:


This business came about because I couldn't find anywhere that specialized in high quality knife maintenance products, that were readily available & well priced, let alone all in the one place.

Wasting my time just fruitlessly searching to come up empty handed, frustrated & annoyed.

Then one day it hit me.

I realized it was up to me to turn my wants & needs to reality.

Eager & some what naïve, I got to making prototypes.

Experimenting with different dimensions, various materials & innovative ideas.

I soon found myself evolving with each new idea or mistake, systematically working through multiple variations to settle on what's now the final product.

We pride ourselves on being dedicated to specializing exclusively in quality knife maintenance products,

Everything we produce is of the highest standard.

Standards which we will never compromise for profit,


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