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Unboxing the REC Exclusive Protech SBR!: Bearded Gear 

RECPM2 Initial Review And Field Testing! The Rivers Edge Cutlery PM2 is here!: Bearded Gear

Benchmade Leuku Full Review and Field Test! My new Go To belt knife!: Bearded Gear

Unboxing some Giveaway EDC gear from REC!, Bearded Gear 1K Epic Giveaway!: Bearded Gear

Finch Runtly- Bearded Gear: Part 1 - First ImpressionsPart 2 - Pocket & Cutting TestPart 3 - Final Review
Finch Model of 1929- Bearded Gear: First Impressions
Finch Tikuna- Bearded Gear: First Impressions,

Benchmade & Olight- Bearded Gear: Unboxing & Benchmade Bailout Regrind
Benchmade Mini Freek S90V UnboxingBenchmade 565-1 Mini Freek Carbon Fiber S90V First Impressions!: Bearded Gear
Spyderco PM2 VS Benchmade SuperFreek!: Bearded Gear
NEW Salt 2 Wharncliffe First Impressions!Spyderco Salt 2 Wharncliffe Plain Edge Full Review!: Bearded Gear
NEW Spyderco Tenacious First Impressions! My First Chinese Spyderco Knife!:Spyderco Tenacious Full Review!: Bearded Gear

Hinderer Investigator Pen Spiral SS Battlefield Pick-Up First Impressions.: Bearded Gear


nick-shabazz-logo-blue-pms.png Nick offers his take on a wide variety of topics and offers some knife maintanence tips.



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