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Tactical Knives

  • CRKT 4040 Provoke

    CRKT 4040 Provoke

    Designed by Joe Caswell in Newbury Park, CA   Serve. Protect. The Provoke™ knife draws on ancient karambit design but it’s hiding a futuristic secret. The first knife ever to feature Kinematic™ technology, it stays neatly tucked...

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  • Emerson Seax SF P/E

    When something is just right, there’s no room for improvement and it lasts for years. Originally showcased at Shot Show 2018, The Seax Knife's popularity grew within the far reaches of the knife niche of the internet. There aren't many production...

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  • Emerson Gentleman Jim Black P/E

    The Emerson Gentleman Jim is one of our skinnier, sleeker models. With a 3.75 inch blade, it sports elegance and simplicity. As Mr. Emerson says, "Picture fine whiskey and pretty ladies. The Gentleman Jim would be right at home." It is the...

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  • Emerson Kwaiken BT

    The Tactical Kwaiken knife by Emerson Knives is back by popular demand- this time as a normal production run. The Kwaiken was originally one of our most popular Signature Series knives and demand far outgrew our supply. That's why in 2018 we decided to...

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  • Emerson CQC-7BW Stonewash P/E

    Emerson CQC-7BW Stonewash P/E

    The Emerson CQC-7BW was directly modeled after the classic CQC-7B Tactical Folder ; we just added our signature 'Wave Feature'.  The Emerson CQC-7 model has all of the qualities that have made it the legendary knife that it is known to be, with the...

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  • Emerson Super Karambit P/E Black

    Emerson Super Karambit P/E Black

    The Emerson Super Karambit by Emerson Knives is bigger, badder and better than ever. With a full inch of blade and handle, this knife puts other Karambits to shame. Others will follow, but you will own the first and the best from the world's leader in...

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  • Emerson CQC-7 Fixed Blade SF

    Emerson CQC-7 Fixed Blade SF

    The CQC-7 Fixed Blade is the next evolution in the life of the Emerson CQC-7 series. Featuring textured G-10 Handles, a solid 154CM Stainless Steel body and topped off with the infamous CQC-7 Tanto Point. They will be available in stone washed and black,...

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  • Emerson Commander Stonewash

    Emerson Commander Stonewash

    The Emerson Commander is a Blade Show Award Winning Knife, and for good reason. It features a beautiful recurve blade paired with our patented Emerson Wave Feature. The blade curves in a way that compliments natural arm movement and flows flawlessly...

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  • Benchmade 176BK SOCP ~ Black Sheath

    Benchmade 176BK SOCP ~ Black Sheath

    The 176 SOCP skeletonized dagger is the optimal tool for self-defense and allows the user to maintain dexterity and manipulate other objects without putting down the knife. The specialized sheath design also integrates into gear and webbing while keeping...

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  • Benchmade 133BK Fixed Infidel

    Driven by the iconic tactical design of the Infidel® out-the-front, the Fixed Infidel® affords the certainty of a fixed blade for some of the uncertainty of the mission. Made in USA.Designer: BenchmadeMechanism: Fixed BladeAction: FixedBlade...

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  • Benchmade 141BK Nimravus

    Benchmade 141BK Nimravus

    Our all-time best-selling combat fixed blade. MOLLE® compatible. Made in USA.Designer: BenchmadeMechanism: FixedAction: Fixed BladeBlade Steel: 154CM (58-61 HRC)Blade Length: 4.50" (11.43cm)Blade Thickness: 0.115" (2.92mm)Overall Length: 9.45" (24...

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  • Benchmade 125BK Azeria

    Benchmade 125BK Azeria

    When bad days get worse, it’s nice to have back-up plans. Designed and manufactured in the USA with Austrian blade steel. Designer: BenchmadeMechanism: Fixed BladeBlade Steel: N680 (57-59 HRC)Blade Length: 2.90" (7.37cm)Blade Thickness: 0.114"...

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  • Benchmade 101BK Follow-Up

    Benchmade 101BK Follow-Up

    This small convenient fixed blade is at the top of the curriculum in Self Defense 101, hence the numeric designation. It is a first option for a wide variety of EDC activities and an excellent last resort option for back-up and self defense applications...

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  • Spyderco Karahawk Black

    Spyderco Karahawk Black

    The original Spyderco Karahawk was a unique synthesis of the salient features of the classic Southeast Asian karambit and state-of-the-art modern folding knife design. Now this dynamic design is available in a stealthy all-black version ideal for use in...

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