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Vapor Honing / Glass Blasting / Silica Carbide Blasting


Vapor honing

When it’s used to clean a surface, the abrasive eliminates the materials you’re removing and the water washes them away. When it’s used to finish a surface, the abrasive smooths down the surface and the water softens it blow. Blasting of abrasive material mixed with pressurized water. This mix is called “slurry,” and is pressurized before it hits the surface with the pressurized water and abrasive material mix.

Because of the water present in the slurry mix, vapor honing is a gentle process when you’re treating a surface.

Glass blasting

The impact of the glass beads on the surface of the component leaves a smooth uniform finish on the material. Fine glass beads produce dull or satin finishes

Silica carbide (Sandblasted)

Commonly referred to sandblasting. Like many carbides, silicon carbide blast media is sharp and extremely hard. Silicon carbide contains narrow, pointed edges. It etches well and prepares the underlying material for finishing coatings.

Vapor Hone/Glass blasted/Silica carbide. Assembled and Unassembled pricing 
Full Knife and resharpened $80
Scales, clip $60
Blade and resharpened $60
Full knife and resharpen $65
Scales, clip $45
Blade and resharpened $45
Here are some examples of these different finishes on plain raw titanium side by side: