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Welcome to River's Edge Cutlery

About Our Team

Founded in 2003, River's Edge Cutlery strives to bring you excellent customer service and the latest knives and gear our industry has to offer. Growing up, my brother & I always had a passion for knives and being outdoors. We look forward to getting you the right tools in your pocket!
Mike & Brian Kent Signature

We are excited to create a storefront where knife enthusiasts and collectors can learn about, handle, and compare...

a broad selection of quality knives before purchasing. Our professional staff brings that same passion for knives, everyday-carry items (EDC), cutlery, and outdoor gear to our customers every day. That translates in to a wealth of product knowledge.

If we sell it, we've most likely used it!

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and welcome the chance to talk to you. Stop by the store, or call us at 614-777-8833 for information, suggestions, or feedback.

You can check us out all over the web. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

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Our Awesome Staff Consists Of 

These Fine People

Mike - Owner

Brian - GM/Website

Amy - Customer Service, HR, AR, AP, Operations

Doug - Customer Service, Purchasing

Zac - Social Media & Digital Marketing

Jason - Digital Development

Leah - Shipping & Receiving

Noah - Customer Service, Content Creation, Marketing

Isaiah - Customer Service, Retail Management

James - Customer Service, Sharpening

John - Customer Service, Sales

Ken - Customer Service, Sales

Parker - Customer Service, Sales


Carl - General Manager, Head Machinist

Evan - Designer / Engineer

Todd - Custom Shop Manager

Erik - Custom Shop Artist

Chad - Machine Operator, Inspection, Finishing

Nash - Machine Operator, Assembly, Warranty Dept.

Mike Kent

Mike Kent

In 2002 Mike decided he was done with his current job in telecommunications and wanted to be his own boss. While he and his brother Brian were on a road trip they came up with the idea of a cutlery shop. Every place they have lived including New York and Colorado had some sort of dedicated store for knives and gear but Columbus, Ohio had nothing. It was at this point that River’s Edge Cutlery was born and doors opened in August 2003. Other than being the owner, he’s an active member of the staff. Mike is an avid lover of the outdoors and enjoys off-roading, Motocross, fast cars, and traveling. Most days if you ask him what’s in his pocket it’s a Pro-tech ATCF, but always has an L.T. Wright when out in the wilderness.
Brian Kent

Brian Kent

Brian (Mike’s Brother) has been with River’s Edge since the beginning. Also worked many years in telecom and was tired of the "Cubicle Life" He oversees day to day operations as well as handles the website and customer satisfaction. When it comes to knives, he is a fan of many brands, but a Spyderco ends up in his pocket most days. Other than collecting knives, he has a passion for Motorcycles, Off-Roading and all things Halloween Related. 

Google Reviews

From our Visitors

Made a trip from Northern Kentucky to their showroom today because I’ve heard great things about their website and the buying experience. (I’ve browsed it several times) James and Nash are both fantastic and very helpful. As a new knife enthusiast, I had many questions and was very indecisive, and they were very patient with me and shared a lot of very useful and valuable knowledge. I finally decided on this Reate Iron in titanium with micarta inlay from their consignment counter. Both gentleman inspected it with me to make the purchase of a pre owned knife much more comfortable as my inexperienced eye wasn’t sure what to look for. I will be doing business with them for the foreseeable future and will recommend my friends and family to them too. With REC only being a couple hours away, it makes for a good day trip and makes the prospect of buying from online retailers (REC excluded, obviously) irrelevant due to the relatively short distance. Thank you REC for a great shopping experience!
Best knife shop friendly staff awesome website and huge range

I purchased the Hogue Counterstrike, and shipping was quick. When I received it, I noticed the edge was very uneven on one side. I emailed REC and Brian gave me the option to have it resharpened or exchanged for something else.

After a bit of back and fourth on my end, trying to decide what to do, I decided to get it resharpened. I was a bit hesitant but I got the knife with an even, sharp edge. The way it should have been from Hogue in the first place. Overall, fantastic customer service. REC has earned my future business!

I am still in shock! I purchased a rare knife with the blade which I was after. People are waiting years to get those knives and now I got one.
I would like to say a big thank you for Brian to make this happen. You are a hero!

Never had the chance to get to the store since I'm in nj but whenever I order it ships fast arrives on time and whenever I call the staff has always been nothing but exceptional in answering questions.
We ordered a knife from here it was sent fedx week and half later still hadn't got the knife! Called FedEx 4 times and nothing ! Called river edge explained what was going on . Bryan got the problem solved quickly found out the knife was stolen . Replaced the knife quickly with next day delivery ! Awesome place quick response really care 4 customers ! Thanks so much !

Great people to talk and learn from, anything Knives!!

I was blown away by their selection. I personally have never seen such a wide variety of brands in one physical location. They have budget brands and premium brands. They have more than just Benchmade and Spyderco knives.

Everything is displayed neatly in glass displays. Every knife that is displayed can be held and tested out. The salesmen are friendly and professional. They didn't rush me when I was browsing their displays.

I ended up buying a Damned Design knife. It was a great experience overall. I wish this store was closer to my home.

This place was suggested to me by a fellow collector and I was extremely happy. Each time I have walked in there, I have walked out with a new knife. On my very first visit( Nov 22), I asked if they ever get a Microtech Socom Elite Auto, please let me know. I have been looking high and low for almost 3 years. Well, this request was fulfilled and couldnt be happier. I highly recommend this place. Thank you for your great Customer Service. Each person there was extremely helpfull.

I’m not from this area. I overheard an employee at Cabela’s recommend coming here for their great knife selection. Without even looking them up, I just headed straight there. What a find! Chance was super helpful, showed me the ropes, we bonded over knives, and I left spending more money than I plan on telling my wife.

Awesome store, great service, fantastic knife selection. Will definitely be back.

So I have to make a shout out to these guys. Excellent service. I live in Wasilla Alaska and they charged me like 10 bucks in shipping. They called to make sure I actually really wanted it which it’s a gift to my brother. Anyway the shipping ended up being like 70 bucks and they ate that to be honor the sale without even asking if I’d pay it. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of it. I’m sure they lost money on it. Anyway. I hope they don’t take Alaska off their shipping list and just update their system to charge the right amount cause it’s not easy for us to get what we’re looking for a lot of the time way up here. Great customer service. Thank you lots guys. Merry Christmas. Definitely going to keep your company on my list for places to take our money.

Top notch customer service and amazing products. Purchased a knife and opted for Cerakote coating. Amazing communication along the entire job. My go to company for all EDC needs.

REC's Store Hours

Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm 

Sat 10am to 5pm

Closed on sunday

REC Logo

REC is in Hilliard, Ohio

Just outside of Columbus

River's Edge Cutlery in Hilliard, Ohio, is a premier destination for knife enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike. This cutlery and outdoor haven offers an extensive selection of high-quality knives, from pocket knives and kitchen cutlery to specialty blades for hunting, camping, and everyday carry. With a deep passion for blades, their expert staff provides personalized guidance, ensuring customers find the perfect tool for their needs. River's Edge Cutlery is not just a store; it's a community hub where knife aficionados can connect, learn, and explore the world of knives. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a novice looking for the ideal blade, this Columbus gem is dedicated to delivering exceptional knives and expertise to all who walk through its doors.