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Folding Knives

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Reasons To Carry a Folding Knife

Chapman Lake Knives folding knife
Custom ProTech malibu folding knife
Microtech folding knife
Berg Blades Folding Knife
1. Versatility! Folding knives make great utility tools. From slicing off a piece of rope to cutting food. It's just good to have a knife with you.
2. Self-Expression. For those of us who collect pocket knives, they are often an extension of our style. It gives us a connection to others within the community and allows us to identify each other. As silly as it sounds, we love to see what you are carrying! 
3. EDC (everyday carry). Carrying a folding knife can be advantageous. Whether it's cutting a shoelace or opening a new package. Knives are important tools and easy to carry with you daily. 
4. Emergency tool. Folding knives can be invaluable in times of emergency. Cutting a seatbelt, breaking glass to escape a vehicle, or assisting in first aid by cutting bandages or clothing to treat injury. 

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