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Rescue Knives & Tools

Here are some key benefits to owning a rescue knife or carrying other rescue tools with you at all times:


1. Cut seatbelts, remove clothing, or break a window in an emegency: Having a sharp rescue knife allows you to cut a jammed seatbelt or break a side window to escape a vehicle. 


2. Cut ropes, netting, etc. A rescue knife can be used to cut through ropes, fishing lines, netting or other things that could trap or entangle someone in an emergency situation. 


3. First aid uses: Knives or shears can be used to cut bandages, slings, or clothing to access wounds if aid is needed. 


The key is having reliable, well-made, rescue tools that can stand up to the pressure and use in an emergency situation. With the right tools, you give yourself valuable options in difficult curcumstances.