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Automatic Knives

Automatic Knives


OTF & OTS Knives

DA - D/A

Imagine a knife that's as easy to open as it is to close, all with a simple trigger. We call it a "double action" knife, or DA for short. Normally, you'll find this feature on out-the-front knives, where the blade shoots out and retracts with a press of the trigger. But, here's the buzz – there's talk of someone crafting a "double action" knife that's not just out the front, but also out the side!

OTF - Out The Front

"OTF" stands for "out the front" of the knife, where the blade springs out from the top. You'll often hear people call these types of knives "switchblades."

OTS - Out The Side

"OTS" stands for "out the side." Knives with this feature are opened using a push-button or by sliding a scale. When you activate the opening mechanism, the knife smoothly springs open from its side-closed position.

Benefits of Auto Knives and Out the Front Knives (OTF's)

Believe it or not, automatic knives are often safer than regular folding knives or flipper knives. You never have to touch the blade of an OTF knife. OTS knives require you to handle the spine of the knife blade or can be closed up by pressing the spine into something and folding it closed. The one-handed operation makes the whole scenario much safer. Most of these knives offer a safety mechanism within them that prevents accidental opening. 

Rapid deployment and convenience are a great set of features these knives offer. Swift, one-handed operation with the push of a button or the press of a switch makes this style of knife a good choice and ideal for situations where speed matters. 

The cool factor is extremely high with this style of knife. They are undeniably cool. The quick and effortless deployment can be satisfying and makes them rather enjoyable to use. 

It's important to note that the legality of owning and carrying automatic knives varies by location, and in some places, they may be subject to strict regulations or even outright bans. Before obtaining or using an automatic knife, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the relevant laws and regulations in your area to ensure compliance.