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Slipjoints (non-locking)

Slipjoint Knives

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Discover the charm of a timeless classic with a modern twist – the Slipjoint knife. Imagine the knife your grandpa would pass down to you for whittling marshmallow sticks by the campfire. Whether you're a cowboy on the range or a professional in the heart of the city, the slip joint knife is where it all began.

This knife style embodies nostalgia, giving rise to countless stories. It's heartening to witness modern craftsmen breathe new life into this tradition with modern materials. Explore our collection, featuring knives from renowned slip joint makers like Javi Garcia, Enrique Pena, Evan Nicolaides, and Grayson Jennings, high-end production models by Jack Wolf Knives, and the iconic Buck 110 – a symbol of timeless elegance.
Buck 110