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Custom Titanium Anodizing


Anodizing machines modify the titanium oxide layer on the surface to create a colorful effect, resembling a prism's interference phenomenon. The oxide layer interacts with light, causing reflections that interfere with each other at various angles. This interaction results in the perception of colors without the need for dyes

How Much Does This Cost? 

Pricing is done on a case-by-case basis for special or more custom jobs. Here is a basic rundown on what it costs to have titanium anodization done to your pocket knife or edc items. If you have questions, email or call us
Scales Only
$ 30.00
Custom Spyderco Para 3
Scales, Clip, Spacer
$ 40.00
Custom Anodizing on Titanium Knife
Hardware Only
$ 20.00
Custom Anodization Gold knife scales
Prybar, Single Scale
$ 25.00
Anodized EDC Tool

What Colors Can Be Done? 

It's important to understand that titanium anodizing doesn't allow for every color, and getting a true red is just not possible because of how light interacts with it. The closest options to red include magenta, rose (a reddish purple), or purple.

So How The Heck Does This Happen? 

Titanium anodizing is an electromechanical process used to alter the surface of titanium

Oxide Layer Growth

Through electrolysis, titanium oxide layers are artificially grown on the titanium's surface. These oxide layers play a crucial role in creating unique properties and appearances.

Property Alterations

The process involves altering the metal's oxide layer, which leads to changes in its properties. The specific type of anodization chosen determines the characteristics of the resulting oxide coating.

Colorful Possibilities

One notable feature of titanium anodizing is the ability to produce a wide range of brilliant, natural colors without the need for dyes. This colorful effect is achieved through an interference phenomenon similar to that of a prism.

Durability and Care

While anodized titanium is highly durable and resistant to the elements, it may be susceptible to damage from friction or scratches. Proper care is essential to maintain the appearance and functionality of anodized titanium products.

Titanium Anodization Care Tips

How can I restore color? 

You can restore your color by wiping some Windex on the anodizing. It is said that the Windex with ammonia works best. We have heard that a very mild jewelry cleaner also works. Acetone cleaner works great, just make sure to re-oil your knife if you are cleaning it with acetone. 

Avoid abrasives and contact with hard objects in your pockets. 

While titanium anodization is pretty tough, it is only nanometers thin which means constant rubbing against things might wear it off. If this happens, your EDC item can be stripped and anodized again. 

It's not rocket science, but proper care and maintenance matters! 

One of the beautiful things about titanium is that you can anodize it several times. Keep it clear of abrasives or strong chemicals and it should last several years. 

Looking To Customize Your Knife or EDC Gear? We've Got You Covered.

REC's Custom Shop can provide a multitude of services across the customization spectrum. From custom cerakote, anodization, glass bead blasting, vapor honing, laser marking, and more. If you want to make your knife or gear your own, drop us a line or stop by! 

We also provide a large selection of custom and aftermarket knife scales and hardware options from screws to pocket clips from Lynch NW and REK and more for your knives.