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  • Kai Luna 3.5" Paring

    Kai Luna 3.5" Paring

    A paring knife is essential for every kitchen. In fact, they're so handy that many cooks like to own more than one. The Kai Luna Paring Knife is the right knife for peeling, coring, and other...

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  • Kai Luna 4pc Steak Knife Set

    This handsome set of Kai Luna steak knives will let you cut through your steak quickly and easily. You get a set of four razor-sharp knives in an attractive black and grey color scheme; it's a...

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  • Kai Luna 6 pc Block Set

    With the Kai Luna 6-Piece Block Set, you get four must-have items: the Luna Chef's Knife, Paring Knife, Utility Knife, and Citrus Knife. Also included is the Luna Honing Steel to help keep your...

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  • Kai Luna 7" Santoku

    Kai Luna 7" Santoku

    The Kai Luna Santoku's Asian-inspired blade works well for any job for which you’d normally choose a chef’s knife. Yet the santoku’s shorter length and blade design make it highly...

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  • Kai Luna 8" Chef's

    Kai Luna 8" Chef's

    If you could own only one kitchen knife, the chef's knife would be the one. It's the one knife that does it all: slice, dice, mince—the Kai Luna Chef’s Knife is the one you’ll reach...

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  • Kai Luna 8.5" Bread

    Kai Luna 8.5" Bread

    The Kai Luna Bread Knife is the lightest, easiest to use bread knife ever. Whether your bread is thick and crusty or delicately tender, this knife is built to slice through easily with less tearing...

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  • Kai Luna Asian Utility 6.5"

    Kai Luna Asian Utility 6.5"

    From its sharp tip, which can be used to peel ginger, to its long, straight edge, perfect for portioning meat, the Kai Luna Asian Utility Knife is a beautiful multi-tasking blade. This is not a...

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  • Kai Luna Utility 6"

    Kai Luna Utility 6"

    For kitchen tasks that are too big for a paring knife and too small for a chef’s knife, reach for the Kai Luna Utility Knife. A utility knife is handy for larger peeling jobs or when precision...

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  • Kai Pro 10" Chef

    The 10-in. Kai PRO Chef's Knife is the choice for cooks who simply prefer a longer knife. The additional blade length gives you more cutting leverage and is especially handy when it comes to...

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  • Kai Pro 3pc Set

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET COOKIN' This beautiful set includes everything you need to get cookin'. The 8-inch Kai PRO Chef's Knife is your go-to knife for most day-to-day slicing and dicing tasks...

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  • Kai Pro 6.5" Boning Fillet

    The name of this knife explains exactly what it’s for — boning and filleting. For boning, the narrow, sharp, curved blade gets in close to the bone, making it easy to separate meat from...

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  • Kai Pro 7" Asian Utility

    The Kai PRO Asian Utility Knife was made with versatility in mind. In fact, every part of this multi-tasking blade can be used. That includes everything from its sharp tip, which can be used to peel...

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  • KAI Pro 7" Cleaver

    The Kai PRO 7-inch Cleaver has a big, thick blade suitable for cutting larger cuts of bone-in meat or breaking down whole poultry. Use it to separate spareribs or break down chicken or turkey. Chop...

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  • Kai Pro Slicing Brisket 12"

    The Kai PRO 12-in. Brisket Knife is the perfect tool for trimming or slicing larger cuts of brisket, ham, turkey, and roasts. Not only that, but the narrow blade makes it easy to cut slices in a...

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