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  • Kai Pro 10" Chef

    The 10-in. Kai PRO Chef's Knife is the choice for cooks who simply prefer a longer knife. The additional blade length gives you more cutting leverage and is especially handy when it comes to...

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  • Kai Pro 3pc Set

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET COOKIN' This beautiful set includes everything you need to get cookin'. The 8-inch Kai PRO Chef's Knife is your go-to knife for most day-to-day slicing and dicing tasks...

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  • Kai Pro 6.5" Boning Fillet

    The name of this knife explains exactly what it’s for — boning and filleting. For boning, the narrow, sharp, curved blade gets in close to the bone, making it easy to separate meat from...

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  • Kai Pro 7" Asian Utility

    The Kai PRO Asian Utility Knife was made with versatility in mind. In fact, every part of this multi-tasking blade can be used. That includes everything from its sharp tip, which can be used to peel...

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  • KAI Pro 7" Cleaver

    The Kai PRO 7-inch Cleaver has a big, thick blade suitable for cutting larger cuts of bone-in meat or breaking down whole poultry. Use it to separate spareribs or break down chicken or turkey. Chop...

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