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Knife Scales

Why Use Aftermarket Knife Scales? 

They're Cool As All Get-Out!

Personalization: Aftermarket knife scales allow you to personalize your knife, making it unique and reflective of your style. You can choose from a wide range of materials, colors, and designs to create a custom look.

Lighter or Heavier Carry

Weight Adjustment: Knife scales can be selected to adjust the weight of your knife. Lighter scales can make the knife easier to carry and manipulate, while heavier scales can provide more stability and cutting power.

Skinny Carry? Wider, thinner? 

Enhanced Grip: Different materials offer varying degrees of grip and texture. Upgrading your knife with aftermarket scales can improve the grip and ergonomics, providing a more comfortable and secure hold on the knife, which is important for safety and precision during use.

It's a New Knife now! 

Upgrade without Buying a New Knife: If you love your knife's blade but are dissatisfied with the handle, aftermarket scales offer a cost-effective way to upgrade your knife without purchasing an entirely new one.

Aftermarket knife scales offer a multitude of advantages, from personalization and improved grip to enhanced aesthetics and durability. They provide a practical means of upgrading your knife, tailoring it to your preferences, and potentially increasing its value, all while extending its functional life.

If you're looking to enhance the scales on your knife that you have already, check out the REC Custom Shop page to learn about cerakoting and titanium anodizing services. We also provide vapor honing and sand or glass blasting as well as laser engraving.  

*Some oversized items are excluded from free shipping