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Laser Engraving


Transform your everyday carry (EDC) items into personalized works of art with our precision laser marking service. Whether it's your favorite knife, cherished locket, special gift or just looking to laser mark for a unique touch with your own personality. 
Add Initials or Name
$ 5.00 /10 characters
Purchase a knife from REC and get it initialed or add a name. Up to 10 characters
Plain Text
$ 10 /$1 each additional character
$10 laser setup fee plus $1 per character
Custom Design
$ 20.00 /customer provided design
Pricing starts at $20 and may vary if the design is intricate or requires additional setup
REC Custom Design
$ 30.00 /in-house design
REC can provide designs starting at $30 for you if you're looking to customize your gear. Pricing will vary depending on difficulty of the design and or time involved

What Types of Things Can We Laser Mark? 

The sky is the limit; almost. We offer precise portraits, animals, logos, and a wide range of visually perceptible designs. Our capabilities extend to laser marking services on more than just knives! We are located in the greater Columbus area in Hilliard, Ohio. We also work nationally, so send us your laser project! We can handle various materials, from soft metals to grade 5 titanium, with our professional fiber laser. Our laser marking processes ensure exceptional detail and precision.

What Should I Provide If I Want Laser Engraving Done? 

For optimal laser marking results on your knives or EDC items, we highly recommend providing a scalable vector file as it offers the highest precision. If a vector file isn't available, a PNG file is the next best option. In cases where neither of these formats is feasible for laser marking, a high-quality, crisp, black-and-white JPEG can be used.

Please avoid using color in your file, as our laser operates exclusively in grayscale and may struggle to differentiate between color gradients. Crisp, well-defined lines in your design greatly enhance the chances of achieving a high-quality laser engraving.

Keep in mind that scaling down images can result in loss of detail. Images with a lot of digital noise across the photo can't be read by our laser very well. We will always work with you to find a solution. At our core, we are committed to perfection in our work and prioritize open communication. If anything appears amiss during the process, rest assured we will promptly bring it to your attention.

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Laser engraved Knife
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