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REC Rewards

 REC Rewards Program

To get started, just click or TAP THE GREEN "REC REWARDS" BUTTON on your screen!

we want to reward you for purchases you make with us!

We aim to show our appreciation for your support, whether through your purchases or by recommending our site to a friend! By becoming a REC Rewards member, you'll accumulate points that can be used for discounts on future purchases. Sign up for our free rewards program, and see how swiftly you can earn points for your upcoming buys!
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super simple


bonus points

  • For every dollar spent, you earn one point.
  • 100 Points = a $5.00 discount. Stack em up!
  • 25 points for creating an account with us
  • 50 points for referring a friend (once they make a purchase)
  • 100 Points for your birthday! (must be signed up 90 days in advance to qualify)

frequently asked questions

How to spend points?
Spend your points on any order by clicking the Green REC Rewards at the bottom left of your screen. Redeem your points for Discount codes, and at Checkout, apply that code to be rewarded! Note: You can only use one code @ checkout!
When will I see my points? 

Your points will appear only after an order is shipped or picked up.

We cannot move points over before shipping. 

 We do ship same-day!

Can I lose points or can points be deducted? 

Returns or canceled orders will deduct reward points equal to their value. If you've already used points for discount codes, your rewards account may go negative. Contact us with any questions.

Can I use my rewards in store as well as online?

Absolutley! With our new, upgraded Reward system, your reward account is the same online and in store! Your Points can be spent on reward discounts at checkout! Thank you for being our customer! 

We understand that you have options for your next knife or gear purchase, and we're genuinely honored that you've selected us.
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