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Bawidamann Doughboy DB-2 Brass ~ Antique Patina

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At REC, We have know Andrew Bawidamann for about 18 years since we opened shop in 2003. He has always been one of our avid customers that loves knives, EDC and the community as long as I have know him. We have watched him take his passion to the next level every time has brings his latest creation into the shop. This DB-2 was just too cool to pass up the opportunity to have them in store. These are not only made in the USA, they are made right here locally in OHIO! 



Special edition Custom Antiqued Patina Finish. 

This is the new EDC item Andrew has been working on for the better part of the year.

Inspired by the timeless 1918 MK1. He calls it the "Doughboy". This is the DB-2.
It is investment casted so as to have all of that timeless "OLD WORLD CHARM".
Andrew has loved the M1918 MK1 since he was a kid and nothing has really changed.

Now is you chance to have a little piece of that ww1 era magic.
These are Proudly Made in the USA. 

Weight: 8.7 oz (individual weight vary slightly)

Dimensions: 2.7" tall x 2.5" wide x .6" thick

Material: C857 BRASS

Finish: Custom Antique Patina

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    Posted by Mike on 11th Oct 2021

    This thing is bulletproof