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Gunny Juice, 0.25 Micron Polycrystalline Diamond Emulsion - 10 ML

Gunny Juice

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10ml bottle

Gunny Juice is a polycrystalline diamond emulsion that has high diamond concentration. It also has very tight abrasive particle size specifications. We also have a proprietary deionization process used to manufacture the product. The deionization process used to deionize the diamonds prevents agglomeration. Simply put this keeps the diamonds from clumping together and creating a larger abrasive that can leave stray scratches or uneven cutting. When you combine all of that you can see what truly sets Gunny Juice apart.


Which Micron Should I buy?




 For more info on Applying and using check out Scott's Youtube Channel here: 


Here are the Micron to Grit Conversions:

.25 Micron = 95913.35118882054 Grit

.5 Micron = 46018.745430040355 Grit

1 Micron = 22079.563530063555 Grit

3 Micron = 6894.070867181565 Grit

6 Micron = 3307.7406667703285 Grit

9 Micron = 2152.588435772614 Grit

12 Micron = 1587.037402050841 Grit