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Gunny Slides 15 ML

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Gunny Slides


Gunny Slides was made with pistol slides and knife detents in mind. This has a thick oil carrier that transports and holds 3 dry lubricants in place. Graphene, h-BN and Molybdenum Disulfide work synergistically to give a lubricity that isn’t found in any product of this viscosity. How does it work? The oil itself is a carrier the enhances the capabilities of the dry lubricants instantly. Then you have the properties of the dry lubricants that cause this lube to excel. 


Why graphene?

Graphene being two-dimensional material, offers unique friction and wear properties that is not typically seen in conventional materials. Besides its well-established thermal, electrical, optical, and mechanical properties, graphene can serve as a solid or colloidal liquid lubricant. Its high chemical inertness, extreme strength, and easy shear capability on its densely packed and atomically smooth surface are the major favorable attributes for its impressive tribological behavior. Since it is ultrathin even with multilayers, it can be applied to nano-scale or micro-scale systems such as microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and nanoelectromechnical systems (NEMS) with oscillating, rotating, and sliding contacts to reduce stiction, friction, and wear.

First of all, the extreme mechanical strength of graphene suppresses material wear. For example, Lee et al. [5] tested the mechanical properties of graphene and confirmed it to be one of the strongest materials ever measured. For their study, the authors used free-standing graphene membranes and analyzed them with a diamond atomic force microscopy (AFM) probe, which allowed measuring the breaking strength. The measured strength of defect-free graphene sheet corresponds to a Young's modulus of 1 TPa. The breaking force depends on the tip radius, not the diameter of the membrane. Moreover, it was shown recently that the grain boundaries do not affect the overall strength of graphene [6], even though the introduction of other kinds of defects (such as oxidation) largely contributes to the mechanical properties of graphene and decreases its strength and stiffness. From a tribological point of view, such extreme mechanical strength is highly desirable for wear protection.

Secondly, graphene has been shown to be impermeable to liquids and gases [7], such as water or oxygen, thus slowing down the corrosive and oxidative processes that usually cause more damage to rubbing surfaces. Moreover, liquid water has been shown to minimize friction on graphene [8], thus presumably limiting the effect of capillary forces typical of humid environments. Singh et al. [8] demonstrated that the wetting angle is affected by the surface underneath the graphene layer; however, the effect of the substrate is modified by the number of layers and is negligible for multiple layers of graphene. Also, graphene is an atomically smooth two-dimensional material with low surface energy and is, therefore, able to replace the thin solid films usually used for reducing adhesion and friction of various surfaces.

All the properties mentioned above make graphene very attractive for demanding tribological applications to achieve low friction and low wear regimes.

(Graphene description from Science Direct)


Hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) is also known as 'White Grapphene’ has similar (hexagonal) crystal structure as of Graphene. This crystal structure provides excellent lubricating properties. ... Excellent Lubricating Properties due to low Coefficient of Friction at 0.15 to 0.70.


Molybdenum Disulfide is a dry film lubricant and is widely used as a friction-reducing additive to coatings, greases and waxes.

Molybdenum disulfide powder or MoS2 is an inorganic compound used as a coating solution for critical parts and equipment. Because the compound is unreactive to most corrosive agents, MoS2 is widely used in corrosion management.

Molybdenum disulfide is typically applied as a solid or dry lubricant and offers great corrosion protection against friction, high temperature, and harsh chemicals.


Product Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Scott P on 20th Feb 2022

    Just as amazing as Gunny Glide but perfect for knife detents and pew pew slides/rails. Mr. Gunn is a wizard. You won't regret buying this.