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LT Wright Knives Next Gen, Redstone Richlite Micarta / Flat Ground A2

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A2 Steel, Redstone Richlite Micarta

The Next Gen is 7 1/2 inches long overall.  This is the knife you want with you all of the time.  Whether it’s kitchen duty time at the camp out, game prepping time in the field, or an unexpected survival situation, the Next Gen will perform.  And it will keep on performing for you with its 3/8 inch (+/-) A2 steel and 3 inch cutting edge.  The rest of it is very similar to the full-sized Genesis with its Resiten scales, chemical and mechanical joining of the scales to the steel, thumb scallops, and robust hand made JRE sheath.

Overall Length: 7 1/2"
Sharpened Edge: 3"
Steel: 1/8" (+/-) A2
Grind: Full Flat
Handle: Richlite Micarta
Other Features: 
Thumb scallops, sharpened spine
 Regular Hip