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LT Wright Genesis, Black Micarta / A2 Scandi Grind

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A2 Steel Scandi Grind, Black Micarta

This nine inch overall Scandi ground bush knife really likes to work. We take the time to do the little things: making sure the epoxy isn’t just on the scales, but around every bit of the hardware, including the threads of the brass nut, to ensure a completely sealed scale set. The Scandi grind is a high polish on the whole surface to make sure there is no drag when cutting.

Overall Length: 9″
Sharpened Edge: 4.25″
Steel: 1/8″ (+/-) A2
Grind: High-polished Scandi ground to 0° then hard micro buffed edge
Handle: Micarta
Finish: Matte
Other Features: Thumb scallops, sharpened spine, Leather Sheath