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The Goodfellas' Smile Bayonetta Brass Double Edge Safety Razor

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Completely designed and made in Italy , the Bayonetta safety razor represents the latest creation from The Goodfellas' smile. This extraordinary razor combines elegance and precision in detail, entirely CNC machined in CW510L brass , uncoated and with a sandblasted satin effect finish .

The Bayonetta razor is made up of three separable parts (handle, plate and cap) and offers a gentle but effective shaving experience, thanks to its gap of 0.65 mm and a positive exposure of 0.15 mm. The handle, 87 mm long and with a diameter of 13 mm, joins the head, 43 mm wide, for a total length of the assembled razor of 95 mm and a weight of 99 grams.

NB: All our CNC produced razors are made in compliance with the UNI EN-ISO 22768mK standard . The entire razor is constructed of solid brass and is sandblasted for a satin, shiny finish. As with all uncoated brass items, a patina will form over time and surfaces will darken. Correct ordinary maintenance of the razor involves carefully washing and rinsing each individual component after each use, drying it well with a cloth before putting it away assembled, preferably without a blade.

Technical characteristics
Material: CW510L uncoated and sandblasted satin effect CNC machined brass
Gap: 0.65mm
Exposure: positive 0.15mm
Handle: length 87mm, diameter 13mm
Head: width 43mm x 22.3mm
Razor length: 95mm
Weight: 99gr

Made in Italy