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The Goodfellas' Smile Syntesi Aluminum Double Edge Safety Razor

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Developed entirely in anodized aluminium, the Syntesi Velvet safety razor has a black and silver finish. Syntesi Velvet differs from the other versions of the razor (steel and aluminium) both in terms of color (totally black head) and the geometries of the cap.

What are the main differences between Syntesi in steel, aluminum and Velvet aluminium?
For those new to the world of shaving, the main difference will be exclusively the weight and price. All 3 versions of the razor are technically excellent and suitable to be used for both daily and weekly shaves.
But the devil is in the details and these 3 razors are not all the same:

1- Syntesi in steel is gentle and its weight and structure balance it towards an effective but calm and calm shave.
2- Syntesi in aluminum is light and lively and for this reason it is more technical in use than its steel counterpart.
3- Syntesi Velvet is the union of intentions. The modified geometry of the cap (both technically and aesthetically) makes this razor more similar to its steel counterpart despite its extreme lightness.

The Syntesi Velvet aluminum safety razor is able to remove both daily and weekly beards without difficulty but thanks to the particular shaving angle it is equipped with it is also perfect for safely shaving the head and sensitive areas such as armpits or groin.

Syntesi is the 100% Made in Italy safety razor designed to be the most versatile ever built.
An effective 45 degree shaving angle guides the hand to guarantee an always impeccable shaving feeling, the clean but safe cut makes it a perfect product even for the most expert hand.

The large drainage holes make removing stuck hair extremely simple;
A quick jet of water will be enough to completely remove the hair from the safety bar during shaving.

Locking and tightening the razor blade in the head is simple, intuitive and does not allow the user any margin of error during assembly.

The handle of the Syntesi safety razor features a Nylon razor washer pre-installed in the handle screw. This special housing blocks the washer preventing it from falling.

NB: If necessary, the washer can be removed by lifting it from its specific socket and then reinserting it.

Technical details
Material: Aluminum
Coating: Black anodizing for the plate | Silver anodizing for handle and cap
Handle length: 80mm
Overall length: 87mm
Head width: 43mm
Head depth: 24mm Blade
gap: 0.63mm
Positive exposure: 0.018mm
Weight: 34gr

Attention: The screw on the cap of the Syntesi Velvet razor is subject to wear and will partially lose its black anodization, thus revealing the original color of the aluminium. It's normal! and the loss of anodization will not affect other parts of the cap and will be limited to the screw pin

The Syntesi safety razor was born from the exclusive collaboration between the Italian companies The Goodfellas'smile and Minuterie Metalliche Rocchetti.

NB: All our CNC produced razors are made in compliance with the UNI EN-ISO 22768mK regulation

Made in Italy