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  • W/O LOOP SECTION The Hidden Woodsmen Haversack

    The Hidden Woodsmen Haversack

    THE HAVERSACK HAS BEEN A TRUSTY COMPANION TO OUTDOORSMEN OF ALL ERAS. With the ability to travel light, You are able to have your essential kit right by your side. The haversack makes a great pair with any main ruck. Drop your ruck at camp, then travel...

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  • The Hidden Woodsmen Day Ruck Scout

    The Hidden Woodsmen Day Ruck Scout

    Minimalist Musette Pack. A large Haversack that is designed with shoulder straps to be worn on your back like a backpack. Webbing Shoulder Straps, Molle on both sides, 500D construction with 400D liners, Brightly colored inside Rot proof thread, Ax...

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