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Oils & Lubes

  • KPL~ Knife Pivot Lube, Original 10ml

    KPL~ Knife Pivot Lube, Original 10ml

    KPL (Knife Pivot Lube) Knife Oil keeps dirt, metal particles, and grit "in suspension" so they don't cause grinding and premature wear.  KPL actually cleans your pivot as you use it. Hands down better on knives than Nano Oil, Blue Lube®,...

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  • KPL~ Knife Pivot Lube, Heavy 10ml

    KPL Heavy™ is a higher viscosity version of the KPL you know and love.  KPL Heavy is highly thixotropic/shear thinning formula designed specifically for knife detents and detent tracks.  Ordinarily gel-like, each time your...

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  • Benchmade BlueLube Cleanser 4oz

    Introducing a newly formulated technology to help keep those knives tuned for smooth function. Start off with BlueLube Cleaner to flush and prep the moving parts for a fresh application of BlueLube. BlueLube not only lubricates, it prevents rust and...

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