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Pouches / Add-ons

  • The Hidden Woodsmen Pocket Pouch

    The Hidden Woodsmen Pocket Pouch

    500d Nylon USA made #9 Zipper ( no paracord) Size 6 x 6 Good size for lots of uses. Rugged and well built for hard use. Pouches available in 2 options: PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH ONE YOU WOULD LIKE IN ORDER COMMENTS, OTHERWISE A RANDOM ONE WILL BE...

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  • The Hidden Woodsmen Firebag

    The Hidden Woodsmen Firebag

    Build Your Own Personal Kit w/ the Hidden Woodsmen Fire Pouch Fire-wood makes you warm Three times; First collecting it, Secondly shifting it and Third when you burn it. – Ray Mears   Dimensions: 7 1/2" Wide 8 1/4"...

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