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  • Taconic Pre-Shave Oil Unscented

    Taconic Pre-Shave Oil Unscented

    Taconic Shave’s Pre-Shave Oil creates a layer over the skin to protect you from the repeated contact of the razor on your skin. This will help prevent skin rashes, bumps and razor burn. It also softens stubborn hairs so shaving will be easier,...

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  • Mickey Lee Pre-Shave Butter, Sandalwood 2.5oz

    A preshave different from most…not a soap or a liquid. But a butter. Our preshave looks like butter and acts like butter. It is a semi-solid mixture of rich, skin loving oils that will help moisturize your skin and add some extra slickness to...

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  • Proraso Pre/Post Sandalwood Red

    Ideal for men with thick, coarse beards, Proraso's Red Pre-Shave Cream is an intense moisturizing treatment, replete with nourishing ingredients. Just a small dollop massaged into your beard swiftly soothes your skin, protecting it from razor...

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  • Proraso Pre-Shave Cream White

    Proraso Pre & Post Cream - Green Tea and Oat - For Sensitive Skin The history of Proraso products dates back a long way. In 1908, Ludovico Martelli from Florence, Italy founded a cosmetics company under his own name. Then in 1948, his son Piero...

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  • TOOB Aromatherapy Pre-Shave Oil

    Pre Shave Aromatherapy Oil 30ml  Our classic Pre Shave Aromatherapy Oil is a vital part of the shaving routine. Formulated to soften and prepare skin to ensure a closer and more comfortable shaving experience...

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  • TOOB Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil 30ml

    Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil comes in an attractive 30mL bottle. The scent is distinctly sandalwood (woodsy and masculine) but by no means overbearing. The small quantity here really goes a long way, so you're getting value. It...

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