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Liong Mah Design KUF EDC 4.0 - Green G10/Ti Elmax Stonewash

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The KUF (kitchen utility folder) is unique as it’s one of the only folding knives on the market with a cutting edge that is lower than the handle.

Combining a previous culinary career at multiple prestigious NYC restaurants and a love for Everyday Carry knives, the original Kitchen Utility Folder was a landmark piece for LMD.

The new KUF-EDC adds a Strider Knives inspired monoblock construction. A Monoblock design is a block of material that is aerospace grade plastic or carbon fiber. Usually a knife is made with three separate pieces,. Liong has made knives with two separate pieces to upgrade the rigidity and strength of the knife. Moreover it has less parts to clean and take care of.

“Every day carry guys like to take apart knives, clean them” - Explains Liong Mah, Knife Designer

Pair that monoblock design with a full flat ground blade made of ELMAX steel. ELMAX is known for it’s edge retention and stainless qualities. This makes the new KUF-EDC a confident companion and capable all around cutting tool.

This folding knife sports a flat grind, a flat grind makes the knife blade exceptionally sharp. This grind is perfect for pushing the entire knife into something, which is why you'll often see this grind used on chef's knives. It’s chef designed with chefs in mind.

Liong Mah says “ As someone who has been cooking for a long time I wanted to design a knife a chef would use any time, and the drop edge is very useful for everyday tasks. It even gives it an advantage with survival tasks. There was no folding kitchen knife concept. I wanted to bring out the potential.”

We confidently can say it’s the best pocket knife for chefs, serving as a camping knife, French knife, and a utility knife all in one. It’s a pocket kitchen knife.

Like all of our custom luxury handmade knives, this one is a limited edition knife. It's hand forged with sturdy materials that are built to last generations.

  • Overall Length 9.0 in
  • Blade Length 4.0 in
  • Handle Length 5.0 in
  • Blade Thickness 0.145 in
  • Blade Material Elmax
  • Handle Material Titanium / Green G10
  • Construction Monoblock composite handle

Product Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Luke on 18th Dec 2021

    I dig! It’s slicey, light and very ergonomic. Happy with purchase